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NYS BILL STATUS FOR 2020 (live links)

Bill A01401 - Provides that certified handicapped individuals may use ATVs on public land for transportation purposes only, during the hunting season

Bill A01587 - Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund and the use of ATVs

Bill A02605 - Requires the commissioner of economic development to conduct a study of the economic impact of ATV use within the state.

Bill A03744 - Authorizes special access to hunting and fishing grounds on state land for handicapped individuals.

Bill A05530 - Relates to the all terrain vehicle trial registration program.

Bill A06087 - Relates to the operation of all-terrain vehicles by minors.

Bill A06448 - Replaces each instance of the word accident with the word crash in relation to vehicle and traffic law.

Bill A08601 - Amends the definition of all terrain vehicles to include certain vehicles of up to seventy inches long and 1500 pounds.

Bill A08659 - Relates to operation of an all-terrain vehicle by a minor on public or private property; requires a helmet on private and public property.

Bill S03311 - Relates to the definition of an all terrain vehicle in the vehicle and traffic law.

Bill S01020 - (NOT re-introduced in the 2020 session) - Provides for an exemption requirement from registration for ATVs operated on lands owned by the owner or to which the owner has certain contractual rights.

Bill S01372 - Relates to the definition of all terrain vehicle or "ATV"

Bill S01384 - Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund

Bill S01428 - Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund and the use of ATVs

Bill S04137 - Requires the commissioner of economic development to conduct a study of the economic impact of ATV use within the state.

Bill S05035 - Increases age for use of ATVs by minors from age ten to fourteen.

Bill S04836 - Provides for an exemption requirement from registration for ATVs operated on lands owned by the owner or to which the owner has certain contractual rights when the ATV is not operated elsewhere in the state and no consideration is paid to the owner for operation.


August 16, 17 and 18

Woodsmen's Field Days The Northern Oneida County ATV Club, Inc would like to thank all those that bought
assorted club items, raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets or maps.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, local businesses and friends for the raffle donations.

Northern Oneida County ATV Club would like to thank those members and non-members
who gave of their time to staff the booth. They were Tim Fraser, Lynda Fredrick, John Furness,
Peggy Furness, John Mola, Dave Smith and Greg Stiefvater.

The winners of the raffles were:

First place: Darlene Horton of Northville, NY who chose the package with
Slime, restaurant and bar gift certificates, lottery tickets, assorted tshirts, atv key chains,
gift basket of assorted food products, digital bbq thermometer and more.

Second place: Bill Smith from Remsen, NY who won the package with a chain saw bar
and replacement chain, assorted tshirts, sweat shirt, bed and breakfast gift
certificate, hat, bungee cords, atv key chains and more.

The 50/50 winner was Steve Chruscicki of Marcy NY. Steve is an atv rider who
said he realizes atv clubs stay alive by members dues and fund raisers.
So, Steve donated his winnings back to the NOCATV Club. Thank you, Steve for the donation.

Thank you to the Woodsmen's Field Days for allowing us to participate in this great event.

The raffle donations were made by the following: Boonville Auto Parts,
Charlie's Liquor Store, Awesome Country, American Hotel Bar & Grill,
NOCATV Club, John & Peggy Furness, Adirondack Cycle and Snow,
Fox Brothers Automotive, Wine & Spirits, Jett Vinyl Graphics,
Slims Restaurant, Milk Plant Tavern and Gille's Bed & breakfast.
Thank You all for the donations!

On a personal note, I would like to thank all those who picked up a Donate Life application.


July 21, 2019

New York hearing, comment period scheduled on major access proposal

Significant opposition expected; OHV support essential

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has announced a comment period and public hearing on the proposed update of the Treaty Line Unit Management plan for 19,186 acres in central New York. It is significant to AMA members and the entire northeastern U.S. OHV community, because a plan has been presented for a public OHV riding area, much of which lies within the Treaty Line Unit.

The AMA has been involved in the development of the Lumberjack Trails Adventure Area plan over many months, assisting a local advocate well versed in off road motorcycle riding and competition. A summary of the OHV plan is available here: Lumberjack Trails Adventure Area

The OHV plan was submitted after the draft proposal was complete. We need your support to convince the DEC to consider the OHV plan.

With no legal, public ATV or dirt bike access in New York and a strong-anti-OHV lobby from the Sierra Club and Adirondack Council, the OHV community must present a strong case for OHV access by submitting comments and showing up at the public hearing. The proposal author has done a tremendous job of garnering local and state politicians’ support. It’s time now for the riding public to step forward to support legal riding on New York state lands.

Whether you prefer to submit your own comments or use our pre-written message, act now!

Hearing: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 31, at Sidney Junior/Senior High School Auditorium, 95 W. Main St., Sidney, N.Y.

To submit comments, use AMA’s quick and easy message system or one of DEC’s four options.

If you chose to use AMA’s prewritten message, simply fill in your information on the form attached to this message. You can review our prerwritten message before sending it. It would be more helpful and effective if you add the positive impacts OHV riding has on you, your family and the communities in which you ride. Your message will go directly to the DEC, with your name attached.

You also may send an email supporting the many benefits of responsible OHV access, to with the subject line “Treaty Line Unit”.

You directly contact: Jason Schoellig, senior forester, NYS DEC, 2715 State Route 80, Sherburne, NY 13460, (607) 674-4017 ext. 607; or Nathan Funk, senior forester, NYS DEC, 65561 State Route 10, Stamford, N.Y. 12167, (607) 652-3694.

Finally, there will be opportunities to provide both formal and informal comments at the July 31 hearing.

Comment Deadline: Nov 1, 2019

For more information, contact either of the DEC staff personnel listed above, visit Lumberjack Trails Facebook page here or contact the AMA at The current draft of the Treaty Line Unit Management Plan, without the OHV plan, is available on the DEC website.

Thank you in advance for providing comments and/or attending the hearing. Please forward this alert to your friends and ask them to do both as well. If you do submit comments, please forward a copy to us at

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling. That support will help fight for your rights–on the road, trail and racetrack and in the halls of government.

Join the AMA at

If you are an AMA member, encourage your friends to join by telling them about the many AMA benefits you appreciate and the role the AMA plays in promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and protecting the future of motorcycling.

MORE DETAILS.............


May 11, 2019

The club will hold a chicken bbq on Saturday May 11 at the Great American parking lot in Boonville. It will also be selling tshirts, hats, basket sale, lottery board, Lewis County ATV Trail maps and NOCATV Club coozies.


PHOENIX - H.B. 2246 would require all motorcyclists, passengers and ATV operators to wear a helmet at all times while operating the vehicle. The bill also would require protective glasses, goggles or a transparent face shield, unless the vehicle is equipped with a windscreen. Riders and passengers can opt out of the requirement by paying a fee when registering their vehicles. Revenue from the fee would be split between the Arizona Highway User Revenue fund ($200) and the Spinal and Head Injuries Trust Fund ($300).

ROSEAU, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants comments from the public on a Roseau County proposal to obtain grants for additional all-terrain vehicle and off-highway motorcycle trails in Beltrami Island State Forest. The new trail, known as the Butler Grade, would provide a 5.1-mile trail connection to communities east of the forest. The trail would be part of the Warroad-Roseau trails and would be maintained by Roseau County and the Roseau-Lake of the Woods Sportsmen's Club. Written comments will be accepted by the DNR until 4:30 p.m. March 25. Submit comments by email to Jack Pellinen, area Parks and Trails Division supervisor, at, or by mail to Pellinen, Area supervisor, Parks and Trails Division, Minnesota DNR, 48990 County Road 4, Roseau, MN 56751. A map of the proposed trail segments can be found at For more information, call Pellinen at (218) 526-1362.

JUNEAU COUNTY, Wis. - The Juneau County Board approved adding two new ATV routes in the county at its Feb. 19 meeting, according to the Juneau County Star-Times. The county added a 1.3-mile route on County Road B near the town of Lisbon and 1.4 miles on County Road M near the city of New Lisbon and the town of Orange. The city of New Lisbon also approved new ATV routes and additions to existing routes at its Feb. 18 meeting.

SOURCE: American Motorcyclist Association


November 23, 2018

DEC Asking for Public Input on Tug Hill East Draft Unit Management Plan and East Branch Fish Creek Easement RMP Update I am pleased to announce that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is developing a plan to guide the management of the 20,322 acre Tug Hill East Unit Management Area. The unit is a patchwork of 7 State Forests and one Unique Area located along the southeast portion of Tug Hill, in the towns of Lewis, Martinsburg, Osceola, Turin and West Leyden in Lewis County. These lands have a direct impact on the region’s economy and enhance the quality of life of both local residents and the general public. People recreating on these state lands utilize the services offered by neighboring communities. Many people enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, trapping, skiing, and other outdoor activities on this area. Timber produced bolsters the local economy and these lands also serve as a core of underdeveloped lands for wildlife and native plants. As part of the planning process, issues will be identified and alternatives for resolving those issues will be considered. Management actions considered to resolve issues could have different impacts to different users of the area and to the communities adjacent to the unit. Therefore, your input into this plan is important from the early stages and throughout the planning process. Please feel free to contact me the Planning Team Leader, now or anytime during the development of this plan fax or e-mail at: 7327 State Route 812, Lowville, NY 13367 Phone (315) 376-3521, fax (315) 376-8059, Thank you for your interest in State Land Management. Andrea Mercurio Forester I, Bureau of State Land Management Division of Lands & Forest New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 7327 State Rt 812, Lowville, NY 13367 P: (315) 376-3521 | F: (315) 376-8059 |

November 2018

DEC Opens Public Comment Period on Revised Recreation Management Plan for Oswegatchie Conservation Easement 30-day comment period opens November 21st and ends December 21st The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is asking the public to read the revised draft Recreation Management Plan (RMP) for the Oswegatchie Conservation Easement (CE) and return comments on it. The Oswegatchie CE encompasses approximately 16,929 acres in the towns of Croghan and Diana in Lewis County, including more than 14-thousand acres located within the Adirondack Park. The property includes 3.5 miles of the Middle Branch of the Oswegatchie River, shares 9.6 miles of boundary with forest preserve lands, and less than one mile of boundary with state forest land. The 30-day public comment period opens on Wednesday, November 21st. Public comments can be submitted by mail or email to the contact person below. All comments must be received by December 21, 2018. Matthew Nowak, Sr. Natural Resources Planner NYSDEC 7327 State Route 812 Lowville, NY 13367 Notable changes include: Subject to an annually reviewed temporary revocable permit, Lewis County will be authorized to administer seasonal ATV use on Bald Mountain Road. Some alternative snowmobile routes have been relocated. A parking area and a foot trail will provide easier access to Deer Pond. The revised draft RMP is available to view or download on the DEC website . Copies of the RMP are also available on CD and can be requested by e-mail at or from the DEC Region 6 offices in Watertown 315-785-2263 and in Lowville 315-376-3521.

Woodsmens Field Days 2018

August 18, 20018

Thank you to the members that volunteered to staff the NOCATV Club booth. They were Lynda Fredick, Henry Barto, John Mola, John Furness, Tim Fraser, the Kowaliks, Allyn Kelsey and the Yeltons. Thank you for giving up some of your weekend for the club.


August 9, 2018

The club would like to thank Mr. Robert A. MacKenzie III, AEMT-P/CEM/CFC, Director of Fire And Emergency Management of Lewis County, NY. for his time to inform us of drug hazards. There is a link for a video of a similar class on the video page and some pictures on the picture page.


June 27, 2018

West Turin and Constableville landowners: The local businesses in the village of Constableville need your help! By court order the ATV trail thru the village has been closed. We are looking for landowners that would allow an ATV trail on their land to provide an off road trail to the Circle K and The Alpine Restaurant. These businesses are a very important to the local area we would not want to see them close up shop.

Please contact: The Highmarket Wheelers- Mike Gille at 315-397-8014 or Lewis County Recreation Forestry and Parks -Jackie Mahoney at 315-376-5972


May 01, 2018

Welcome to the revamped web site of the Northern Oneida County ATV Club. With technology advancements comes obsolesce at an ever faster pace. Thus, it was time (15yrs or so) for the web site to be updated. Explore the new site and find some old, some new and some yet to come features as we evolve the site. Thank you for visiting us on the web. Also, we are on Facebook as nocatvclub.


December 12, 2017

Here is the public announcement>>

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