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Club Membership

Welcome to our membership page. Becoming a member of our club is a very easy process. Choose one of the methods below, printing clearly fill out the application as complete as possible including e-mail address for receiving our newsletter.

Membership is $20.00 for single or family membership (a family membership includes anyone under 18 years of age in same household). Either membership will entitle you to a discount when you purchase your first annual Lewis County ATV Trail System permit.

Membership to the Northern Oneida County ATV Club is from January 1st through December 31st. Applications received after September 1 are automatically rolled over into the following year.

All Club members will receive a NUMBERED membership card, a decal(s) with the calendar year of paid membership, and a monthly newsletter (when an email is provided). Decals should be placed on the ATV or put it in wallet with your membership card, registration and insurance card. These should be with you for all club functions.

Email is the delivery method for our newsletter. Newsletters will also be posted on our web site at

Club meetings are held at the Harland J. Hennessey VFW Post 5538, 108 Park Avenue, Boonville, NY 13309. Time 6:30 on the 4th Wednesday of each month from February through October.

Meetings are subject to change without notice and are announced at our meetings, on our web site and Facebook. We encourage all members to attend our meetings for the latest news about our club. Please check our "Events Calendar" for meeting dates or contact us if your not certain.

There are multiple different methods for you to join NOCATV Club:

1) You can fill out the NOCATV Club online application below and then just mail us a check.

2) You can print out the application form from Facebook from this link NOCATV Club, log in and then choose the signin button in the upper right, print out the application and fill it out, then mail it and a check to us.

3) You can print out the application form from this link NOCATV Club application, fill it out, then mail it and a check to us.

4) Join while attending a NOCATV Club monthly meeting

Once you receive your numbered membership card from us, it can be used as proof to receive a $20 discount on your first purchase of an annual Lewis County ATV Trail Permit on-line, or in person. You must have your NOCATV Club membership card while purchasing the LC Permit to receive the discount.

5)You can join NOCATV Club and purchase an annual Lewis County ATV Trail System permit at one time here

6) To purchase a Lewis County ATV Trail permit in person locally, visit a local permit seller listed here Be sure to bring your membership card.

Here are some answers to some common questions regarding new/renewal of NOCATV Club memberships:

What if I already joined NOCATV Club and want a Lewis County ATV Annual permit for 2020?

In order to get the permit discount on the 2020 annual permit, you will need your individually numbered 2020 NOCATV Club membership card for proof of current membership. You will also need proof of your current vehicle registration and insurance card. A list of merchants selling the permits is available at: Lewis County ATV Trail Local Permit Sellers

Or you can upload your NOCATV Club membership card and your vehicle registration card while applying for your Lewis County ATV Trail Permit on the web site.

Can I join NOCATV Club online?

You can join NOCATV Club online by filling out the membership on line form at the membership page and mailing a check.

What if I don’t want a Lewis County Annual ATV permit and still want to join NOCATV Club?

You can fill out a paper membership form from and mail it with a check to us at the address on the top of the membership form, or go to and fill out the online membership form and just mail us a check.

Can I purchase in person both a Lewis County Annual ATV Permit and NOCATV Club membership and still receive a discount?

You can purchase the LC Permit at one of the merchants that sells the permits (link above)and you can join NOCATV Club thru these sellers.

- NOC ATV Club Application thru Dec 2020 (Print out application and mail application and check to address below or bring to club meeting)

Northern Oneida County ATV Club Inc.
P.O. Box 198
Boonville, NY 13309

Or instead of printing a paper application, fill out and submit online application below and mail the check to address above. No need to mail a copy of the application.

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